Unicorn Purse

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I love finding the simple easy to make projects that I can come together fast and will be a huge hit with the little one who is my shadow. My daughter is going to LOVE this purse. I’m having the hardest time not giving it to her before Christmas!

I saw some purses online that gave me the idea to make a purse in the shape of the unicorn. But I couldn’t find one that was thick a lush that would hold really well together under my daughter’s inevitable brutal wear and tear. So, with some time and a lot of do-overs.. this pattern came about! I’m happy to share it with all of you  unicorn lovers as well. The pattern is available here ad free for purchase or just scroll down for instructions.


White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Hot Pink, Gold and black size 4 worsted weight yarn. (I used Caron One pound for most of my colors)

6.0 mm and 5mm hook

Needle/Scissors/Stitch Markers

Small amount of Fiber Fill


Stitch – ST

Chain – CH

Single Crochet – SC

Slip Stitch – SL ST

Skip Stitch – SK ST

Double Crochet – DC

Front Post Double Crochet – FPDC

Double Crochet 2 together – DC2TOG

Between * * repeat this many additional times “x”

End of row (Parenthesis) total number of stitches in row

Magic Circle – MC

Great tutorial for MC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p298HxgsO1s

Double Strand – Use two strands of yarn when working stitches.


Note: On parts working in a round (horn) be sure to use a stitch marker to mark the beginning stitch of each round to keep your place. It is very important to keep track of every round.

Purse Base:

6mm hook. With Double Strand White

1 – Ch 1 (does not and for the rest of pattern count as first st), 10 dc in mc. Pull tight. Sl st into first dc (10)

2 – Ch 1, 2 dc in same stitch ( you will always start your first stitch in the same stitch throughout purse base) and each st around (20) sl st into first dc

3 – Ch 1, *2 dc, dc* repeat 9x (30) sl st into first dc

4 – Ch 1, *2 dc, dc, dc* repeat 9x (40) sl st into first dc

5-8 – Ch 1, Dc all the way around (40) sl st into first dc

9 – Ch1, Dc next 8 st, DC2TOG* repeat 3x (36) sl st into first dc

10-11 – Ch 1, Dc all the way around (36) sl st into first dc

12 – Ch 1, sc next 11, sk st 2, [2dc, 1tr, ch2, 1tr, 2dc] in the next st {this is the ear}, sk st 2, sc in the next 6 st, sk st  2, [2dc, 1tr, ch2, 1tr, 2dc] in the next {this is the ear}, sk st 2, sc in the next 9, sl st into first sc, tie off and weave in ends. (36)



5mm hook. With Gold – working in rounds

1 – sc 6 in mc. Pull tight. (6)

2 – *2sc, sc* repeat 2x (9)

3 – sc all the way around (9)

4 – *2 sc, sc, sc* repeat 2x (12)

5 – sc all the way around (12)

6 – *2sc, sc next 3* repeat 2x (15)

7-9 – sc all the way around (15)

Tie off and leave length for sewing to purse.

Stuff with fiber fill set aside.

Curly Hair:

5mm hook. Make one with each color of the rainbow

1- ch 20

2- put hook in second chain from the hook, 2sc, 2sc in each chain all the way down (18)

Tie off and leave about 6 inch length attaching to the underside of the horn.

Once all your curly “hairs” are made, take the end strands all together and tie in a loose knot. Stuff this knot and all loose strands inside the horn (on top of the fiber fill). Now with the length of gold on needle from horn end sew to the center top of bag between the “ears” securing the hair and horn in place.



6mm hook. With Red Double Strands

1 – ch 7, dc in 3rd ch from hook, dc next 3 chains to the end, turn

2 – ch 2 (counts as the first dc), fpdc in the next 3, fpdc in the ch 2 space, turn

3 – ch 2, fpdc in the next 3, fpdc in the ch 2 space, turn

4-5 – repeat row 3

6 – Change color to Orange (double strand) Repeat row 3

7-10 repeat row 3 with orange.

You will repeat row 3 with each color making 5 rows of each color (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink) After Pink, change color to white, and add another 15 rows of white. Tie off and leave length for sewing to the inside of the purse.

Closed Eyes:

With Black on darning needle embroider “u” shapes on the center front of purse. On the corner edges sew in 3 black “lashes”. Tie off and weave in ends so they cannot be seen.


Congrats! You finished your unicorn Purse. Feel free to check out all the other Unicorn fun Patterns here on JasmineArtWorks!


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  1. paula goodwin


    Thankyou for this lovely pattern. I just have a query about round 12. How many single crochets do you do at the beginning and could you please explain how many stitches are skipped. I can’t seem to get the number of stitches right?

    Many thanks


    • jasmine

      Hi Paula, I’ve updated the pattern to reflect how many sc are needed in round 12. Thanks a bunch!

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