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With fall coming on more and more hats are being made and worn.  There are a lot of fun trends for all ages. I especially love the unicorn trend happening for the little girlies to wear. I jumped on the bandwagon and made one for my 4 year old. She now wears it everywhere! 

Complete with twist finishes and twist mane. I just love making something and seeing the happiness immediately.  Pattern will be released soon for this one!

Another trend that has been spreading like wildfire is the messy bun hat. You know.. the cool hat that you can pull a pony tail or a bun through. My pattern offers an option to crochet a hair tie in the opening so it doesn’t get stretched out. This pattern is for teen to adult sizes. Found here:  Messy Bun Hat

 More fun hats and pattern ideas always coming. Stay warm out there! 😊

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