The Luna Mate Nightlight Animal

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The most recent obsession in our house (that seems to have lasted forever) is all about Unicorns. Little girls love pink and ponies, and unicorns, any pretty sparkly fun. My daughter has a collection of unicorns she sleeps with. She also has a hard time falling asleep on her own at night. I got to thinking that a light would help, it would be even better if that light was a unicorn. I found a perfect push utility light at my local super store. It creates this nice soft light that is easy for her to turn on and off. With some bright pink yarn I created a unicorn that fits around the light. It fits so snug the light doesn’t easily slip out.


Needless to say, my daughter LOVES it!

The Pattern continued to make even more animals.

Hippo and a frog…


Puppy and Penguin!

I love how a need evolves into a pattern and then grows into more joy and creativity!

Each instant printable pdf file pattern comes in a set so you can make 2 animals for the price of one. Each Pattern is really easy to make. Enjoy crochet friends. 🙂

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