Pumpkin Key Chain!

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I love fall and all things pumpkin.Β  I made these adorable key chains as thank you gifts for a group of teachers. And after posting my finished treasures I had a bunch of positive feedback wanting the pattern I used. I went ahead and wrote it out. So here it is! Can’t beat free πŸ™‚Β  Super easy and fun! If you’d like a PDF copy its available here.


Size 4 worsted weight cotton yarn. In Orange, green and brown.

4.25mm hook, I absolutely love this set of Hooks! Great for saving your hands while working small projects.

Fiber fill, Key lanyard hook and Key ringΒ 




Stitch – ST

Chain – CH

Single Crochet – SC

Half Double Crochet – HDC

Slip Stitch – SL ST

Skip Stitch – Sk St

Single Crochet 2 stitches together – Sc2tog

(An invisible decrease stitch makes these look nice and smooth)

Between * * repeat this many additional times β€œx”

End of row (Parenthesis) total number of stitches in row

Yarn Over – YO

Magic Circle – MC

Great tutorial for MC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p298HxgsO1s


Big Note: I’m left-handed all pictures unless otherwise stated are shown left-handed progress. Pattern works for both left and right-handed crafters.


Pumpkin – With Orange

1 – sc 5 in mc. Pull tight. (5)

2 – 2sc in each stitch around (10)

3 – *2 sc, 1 sc* repeat 4x (15)

4-6 – sc all the way around (15)

7 – *sc, sc2tog* repeat 4x (10) Stuff with fiber fill.

8 – *sc2tog* repeat 4x. (5)

Leaving a long tail (12 inches), cut and pull yarn through last stitch, thread with needle, push needle through front loops only of the 5 remaining stitches all the way around. Pull tight closing the top of pumpkin. Now, push needle through the center of pumpkin and through the magic circle in row 1. Pull through tight. Push needle through the same exact way 2 more times pulling tight puckering the sides of the pumpkin. Tie off and weave in ends.

Stem– With Brown

Chain 5, put crochet hook into large end of key lanyard hook. YO, Now put hook into 2nd chain from the hook and finish a hdc stitch. Continue down the chain hdc in the next 4 st. Tie off. Leave about a 6 inch length. Make a knot with both ends. Now using one end stitch to top of pumpkin. Sew and weave in other end as well.

Green twisty vine – Β With Green

Chain 9, 4sc in 2nd chain from the hook, 4 sc in each of the next 4 st, 2 sc in each of the last 3 st. Tie off, leave about a 6 inch length. Make a knot with noth ends. Now using one end stitch to the side of the stem. Sew and weave in other end as well.

Clip Key ring onto lanyard hook.


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