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As I grow my business I’m trying to add a new pattern frequently. It first starts with an idea of something someone asks me to make, then if I can’t find what i’m looking for online, and idea that isn’t already out there I write down what I’m doing. Each step, each row is recorded in my very worn notebook. It looks like gibberish to anyone glancing at it. Lol!

With each step I take pictures. I must take the pictures is the best possible light..,. so until I get a covetted ott light I need to create during the day. First step: make the head, insert eyes, then stuff, crochet closed…

Once the creation is finished more pictures are taken in my home made take picture box. This box is a cardboard box withthe sides cut out and white tissue paper taped in the openings. A white poster board from the dollar tree lines the inside. With good light I take pictures in lots of poses so people get a good idea what the finished product really is like. (Don’t you hate it when there is only one picture to look at when trying to figure out if a pattern for sale is worth it?!) See the edges and my carpet, the lighting isn’t the best…

With the pictures and my written instructions I compile them into a document. I read it over and over doing my best to make sure each step is explained correctly, Each picture gets cropped, lighted, sometimes I need to add text or shapes to the pictures to help explain the process. I pick a themed font and color for the pattern.

It all takes days to compile. Sometimes weeks because while i’m doing this I have little ones all around needing attention, snacks, and mothering. So i’m up and down. There are times when the pattern gets put aside for weeks until I can come back to it. Life happens and this is a process.

Once the document is perfect I save it as a pdf. Its now ready to be sent for copyright. And ready for sale.

I then take all my pictures and edit them into different ad pictures that display best what is available…

Of course lighting is fixed if neccessary and only my favorite pictures are used. I use a combination of  picasa photo editer and adobe photoshop. This Pattern from start to finish took me over a week to make.And thats pretty fast for me.. All my free time in the evenings and spare moments during the day. I Love it. I love sharing what I do.

So there you have it.. a rundown of my process and all the fun involved.

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