Adorable Ribbed Headband for Babies!

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I wasn’t planning on posting about this but they turned out so cute I couldn’t just not mention it. I had a special customer order come in for the oh-so-popular headbands for a little head measuring 16.5 inches around. I couldn’t find just the right pattern so I came up with this one with some trial and error.
Everyone crocheting this season is loving making these super simple headbands. I love how these ones fit a teeny tiny head!

Materials I used:
4.5mm hook,
-Caron One Pound yarn in various colors

-scissors and a darning needle

-optional materials: buttons, tags etc. (I LOVE these coconut buttons)

Stitches used:

ch – chain

hdc – half double crochet

hdcfc – half double crochet foundation chain stitch

3rd loop only  (when asked for in the pattern crocheting in the third loop is the loop just below the top edge on a hdc stitch. This is found in front of the stitch when working in rows {this pattern works in the front}, and behind when working in rounds.)


1- You start off by hdc foundation chain 66. This will seem long, but as you continue to crochet with the smaller hook and condensed stitches it kindof shrinks to the appropriate 16.5 inches around you are looking for.  ***[Pattern can easily be adjusted for whatever size you are looking to make. Simply add foundation chain stitches to this step and add more rows for desired height]***

2- Now you will chain 1 and flip the chain vertically so you are looking at the back of it and the bottom is now on the top. Yarn over and Put your hook in the 3rd loop, finish your first hdc. Contintue to hdc in each 3rd loop all along the the foundation chain. Ch 1, turn (66)

3-6 hdc in each 3rd loop of the previous row, ch 1, turn. (66) When finished with the last row, tie off leaving a length of yarn for sewing twist together.

Using the technique shown below (from another pattern, same style twist) sew your ends together.



Tie off and add embellishments. The Momma from this special order wanted buttons. What will you put on yours?

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