Ever made something that made you laugh… and then everytime someone else loves it you keep laughing? There have been a few of those crazy things I’ve made that have been super successful. Like, for instance, the Chicken sweater. Originally I made this silly sweater as a gift for my mom and her freezing chickens she laughed when I gave it to her… then I made a few more for the other chickens. She said, you should make up a pattern so others can make them too! And they have! Through my Etsy account.. www.etsy.com/jasmineartworks I’ve have people all over the world order a chicken sweater pattern for their poor freezing chickens.
With crochet any darned old thing can be created… a purple otter, a silly cow blanket, and even a hat to look like a cabbage patch doll. Enjoy these silly pictures in this gallery. I hope they give you kicks and giggles.